Taken a few days for myself.

I haven’t blogged for a few days because I have been having time to myself. I still need to do more clearing out of my flat. I have 2 bags full of clothes ready to go out. I just need to contact the charities to let them know that there will be bags for them to collect on the days that it says on the bags packets. I rearranged the appointment that I missed for tomorrow afternoon. I’m not feeling great after my nail got a crack in it and ripped too far down. It feels so painful down the side where it’s snapped. I am lucky that it didn’t rip any further into other parts of my nail. That would have been so much more painful. It’s starting to feel better now but it’s going to be a little sore until it grows back where it split. This happens a lot when you’ve got Anaemia. I’m not always low on iron. It varies with me but that part of my nail must have grown when I was low on iron. If they get cracks in at that time then eventually they will break.

I got an ionic vibrating hairbrush. I absolutely love it! It makes me hair shiny and is relaxing at the same time. I think that the Cat’s reaction was quite funny. Mister couldn’t stop starring at me using the brush. He looked at me with his eyes widely fixed. I don’t think he knew what to make of it. He could hear the vibration sound and knew where it was coming from but I’m not sure that he really understood it. Mimi does that when I’m putting on make up. I don’t do that much nowadays though. I don’t wear make up much anymore.

I’m trying so hard to completely get rid of my depression but it keeps coming back. I  am okay one day but then on another day I wake up depressed. I just feel like I’m never going to get over certain things. I found out something recently that I cannot put on here but is linked to the whole legal situation I’ve just been through. I can’t believe what has come out when a load of accounts were tracked. However, I just have to accept that the person wasn’t worth the chances I was prepared to give them. I couldn’t see the truth. I feel hurt and a fool that I couldn’t see it from the beginning.