Writer’s block finally lifted!

I have had writers block for a long time. Today it finally lifted after a few years of ‘brain fog’. Don’t get me wrong, I am still feeling too exhausted to write a project like a book. I’m still making progress a little though. I have been for a long walk today and carried home my shopping. I’m not walking every day now due to anxiety mixed with constant exhaustion. I have to give myself a break of either a day or two before I go for a walk. 3 long walks a week is a way of not gaining too much excess weight. I used to go for a walk every day when I was younger. I honestly don’t have the energy required now I’m getting older though. I’ve certainly felt a difference from being 20 something to entering my 30s.

I can’t ping back after negative experiences so well anymore. I can no longer be bothered to force myself to be social if I’m really not in that mood. I like my own time and would rather spend the day with my Cat than the majority of people I’ve met in my life. We live in a modern world that is full of dangers caused by other people. I’m now afraid of other people. I probably always will be afraid of people after my experiences. I’m no longer completely broken. I’m repaired in the sense that I’m starting to glue my cracks together. It isn’t a 5 minute process. It probably will always be a little broken but at least I don’t have writers block anymore. It doesn’t take a lot to write blog entries but I couldn’t ever write a book with the writers block that I have had for a few years.

One thought on “Writer’s block finally lifted!

  1. Thanks for sharing, Em. That’s so courageous of you. I had writers block for about a year. I’d start a blog and couldn’t finish it. But, like you, I feel I’m through it. Whatever experiences you’ve had that are holding you back, I’m praying that you break through them. Keep going with the writing.


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