What is the true issue behind lack of understanding in regards to Autism within society?

I am going to tackle this topic using my own experiences and things that I have read from others on the spectrum. I’m finding that there is no ‘middle ground’ upon which everyone agrees within this debate. Many with Autism are continuing to say that there needs to be an increase in society understanding Autism. I do feel that too but there may be other underlying issues as to why those with Autism Spectrum Conditions do not feel like society is understanding towards them. I don’t feel that this is entirely straight forward. There are many factors as to why Autistic people feel like society misunderstands them.

Many of us on the spectrum have been rejected by those we either wanted to date or have as a friend. That gives us a false sense of society not understanding because what we wanted failed whether it was due to our Autism or other things. There are things that we do which we may think isn’t a big deal but it is to someone who is neurotypical. I have experienced that throughout my life. I have seen something as a really small issue but the other person has seen it as a major reason to dislike me. I recently found out after 4 years that something I did which I saw as not a huge issue actually was to someone else. I wouldn’t be offended by this particular thing even if I’d asked someone not to do it. I didn’t see it as a huge deal but the other person did see it as something they  strongly didn’t like. I literally couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong for years. I got angry. I made it worse because I wasn’t able to understand things from another person’s preferences. The thing is we all see things differently and this isn’t an exclusive issue for those on the Spectrum. I highly doubt that we are all going to ever understand each others point of views. It isn’t about empathy. It is much more about how we view the world. We cannot relate to things that we personally would never embark on within our individual lives. Our realities and views are completely different which makes things ten times more complicated.

I know that there will be many on with Autistic Spectrum Conditions that disagree with me on this particular topic. I’ve been through lots of rejection myself. I’m not ignorant to this issue. I just feel that there is so many grey areas to what we are seeing as straight forward lack of understanding of ASC’s within society. We need to look deeper at those grey areas to fix this issue which comes up on my social network timeline several times a day. Neurotypicals tell us that they also get rejected and lose opportunities that they wanted. I see that but those of us on the spectrum still have a much larger disadvantage and are more likely to experience rejection or lack of opportunity due to the lack of understanding of Autism in society. I’m on the fence with this issue because I can see several sides to it.