Pacing myself :)

I got up at half 6 this morning after being woken up by one of my Cats who wanted to go outside before 6am. She hadn’t been out last night because she’d fallen asleep under my Bed in the one of the Draws. The other Cat decided to wake me up wanting to come in about 3am this morning. I managed to fall asleep quite quickly last night so it wasn’t too bad. They normally both go out but for some reason one of them wanted to sleep last night. I did sleep a lot yesterday due to exhaustion which most likely confused the Cats because I had changed my pattern. I was ironing at half 7 this morning before going out to get some food from the Supermarket. I like it early on in the day because it isn’t so busy at about half 8 in the morning. I changed and washed my bed covers. The new bedding is now on the Bed and the other set is drying. I still have some things to do but I’m pacing myself due to reaching the point of sheer exhaustion yesterday. I’m sure that I’ll be okay but I am not walking every day now because I just can’t do it anymore.

I need a few hours break now. I don’t want to sound lazy but I might have a nap to build energy to do the rest of what I have to do today. As I said before I am not lazy but I need to pace myself so that I can store energy up to get every day things done. I have lost a lot of sleep due to anxiety and nightmares. I’m not sure if that has caused me to get to the point of feeling completely exhausted. I have never slept well. I’m led to believe it’s part of having a form of Autism. I have a huge problem stopping my brain from becoming active during nocturnal hours. I wish that I could literally knock myself out at times. I have done that chemically with medication but now the GP’s aren’t allowing people to be on those things long term.

I’m still quite disorganised. I need to have a sort out because there is too much clutter in here. I’m never going to use half of this stuff. I need to build up the energy to face a complete decluttering. I am going to start with my clothes because I have way too many bits and pieces I’ll never wear again. I can’t fit everything in my chest of drawers anymore. I have moved around with way too much crap over the years. I should have chucked more out when I moved areas. 

10 thoughts on “Pacing myself :)

  1. I think sleep and autism are a problem combination at the best of times, but once you add PTSD and friends to the mix it really becomes a problem and one I’m still trying to work out myself. The stuff with sleeping drugs is definitely true though, their potency really decreases after just a few days and I’ve found they can make me horribly depressed. But then again so does lack of sleep.

    Have you had your vitamin D levels checked? That can make a difference to both sleep and general emotional well-being and you might need a supplement, especially this time of year.


      1. Anaemia’s iron, isn’t it? Or haemoglobin or something. I think that’s more implicated in general weakness but I dunno about all that medicalisational stuff because I’m much too queasy and once fainted when having a blood test. Even that was crap: my unconsciousness was so unimpressive that nobody noticed.


      2. Well I’m having to sit here all unironed, and it’s your fault. 😀 God I hate ironing, and it makes my brain ache. It’s one of the first things I was taught in the Army, curiously.

        Mister exists to be… well, Mister, I suppose.


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