Burn out.

I keep feeling extremely burnt out which isn’t helping trying to keep my flat tidy and housework at a reasonable level. I know that some of my health problems may be zapping my energy but surely there is a way to not feel like someone has fed you a tone of zopiclone. I am okay one minute and then it suddenly hits me. I’m typing this from my bed. Hopefully a nap will give me some energy to at least do something. I can’t not do anything because it will end up such a mess in my flat. It already looks a bit of a mess. I just don’t want any conflict with others. I’m upset with things that happened in the past. That will take quiet a while for me to fully get over. I’m not the same person as I used to be. I simply cannot do conflict anymore. I get far too tired. I haven’t felt great in a long time. I need alone time to get over being burnt out. I barely have energy. I know that walking doesn’t help but fresh air is helpful in other ways to mental health. I have even got exhausted on walks. I take my car to places a lot more than I used to do. It saves my energy to just do the necessary things every day. I’m sorry if I’ve ever been a hassle to anyone else. I cannot take it back. I need rest now. I’m too exhausted to be a pain to others now. I just want peace and quiet to recover from this exhaustion. 

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Photo by Pixabay