A review of Day 1 of 2019.

Day 1 of 2019 has been quiet. The news was quite depressing when I saw it earlier. There’s an Archbishop of Canterbury saying there’s currently more division than there has ever been before in the UK. Drunken antics were kicking off in the local area all night during the first few hours of new years. I did say that the feeling I got in the City wasn’t great the other week. As soon as people have alcoholic drinks on nights such as New Years Eve every issue we have gets brought into drunken brawls and arguments. Mental health, Homelessness, Addiction and other social issues aren’t being addressed here. They haven’t been for many years. As far as I can remember back when I grew up in this area that has always been the case.

Photo by Madison Inouye

There is such a disorganisation here when it comes to services. Vulnerable people need stability but that isn’t what they get from what is available here to help them. The attempted terror attack which happened in Manchester last night illustrates this in a way. The person responsible has been detained under the Mental Health Act. The person sounded like they had been brainwashed by extremism. That is so easy to happen with someone who is mentally ill. They’ll believe anything that they are told. I have been in that position. If someone tells them that they’re doing it for Allah (God) then they aren’t going to be in the right frame of mind to question it. Extremist groups know that the vulnerable are easy targets to convert to their way of thinking. They’ve done it time and time again. They will continue to do that if we don’t have earlier interventions for those displaying poor mental health. I was strong minded enough to question everything (much to the annoyance of others), but not everyone has the ability to be an independent thinker.

The majority of the population are collective thinkers, aka. group thinkers. This gives Extremism a danger to those types. I’ve never had any of these groups members try to convert me but when I was involved in the Psychic industry, both as a reader and a client, I saw others trying to convince myself and others of misleading information. I was young but others older than me were just as impressionable. I eventually made myself walk away from that company. I still get people try to draw me in occasionally but I basically tell them where to go. I do still feel things and have dreams myself but I keep it as more of a personal bubble rather than being part of a group that has those abilities in common. The fact that they took all my savings too is also a major reason why I remain solitary when dealing with my own abilities. It isn’t easy being bombarded with feelings from others and waking up from predictive dreams at night. But I refuse to consult other Psychics who charge for trying to ‘figure it out’. I can only see or feel things that are going to happen. I have absolutely no influence on any outcomes. That was the hardest thing for me to accept. I hated seeing bad things that were going to happen and not be able to stop what was ‘meant to be’.

Anyway, I’m extremely tired and determined to reset my sleep pattern. I didn’t sleep last night at all. I only slept for a few hours this morning. I’ve taken my Tweet protection off because I realised that I cannot share public posts with this set to on. I retweet things for those that I know and help out the PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) groups by sharing their posts. On Facebook I’m being selective about my public posts. I realised that I couldn’t go completely private because of commitments I had via social networking with others. I still won’t just add anyone on my personal Facebook profile though. Even on Twitter I will delete anyone I see on my list that I have a reason not to trust.