Month: January 2019

  • Irresponsible reporting by the media

    I have just been in the local shop on my walk. I glanced over to the Newspaper rack (I don’t buy newspapers but I happened to look in that direction). I am trying to teach people to understand difference contending with my own past and headlines in national newspapers such as ‘The Sun’ doesn’t help […]

  • Babies and Children everywhere at this age!

    I seem to be at that age where everyone is getting pregnant or have children around me. I am finding it increasingly harder to see these things around me without being negatively emotionally affected. I do feel like I’m missing out but also it’s more that it hurts when I remember that I have a […]

  • A day of little annoyances…

    I had a day full of niggly little things going wrong. They weren’t huge on their own but when they happen one after another I start to feel like I’m fighting a losing battle. I woke up this morning thinking that I had organised everything for the day. It turns out that all the plans […]

  • I’m neutral when it comes to siding with others. I can see both perspectives of this argument.

    I can see both perspectives from the Autistic side and the Neurotypical side of the argument. I don’t want to upset anybody but I have found that some of the #actuallyautistic community are quite aggressive to anyone that disagrees with them. I used to be angry if others disagreed with my opinions but now I’m […]

  • The number thing has started again :/

    I wasn’t seeing repeated numbers much for a while but today I saw the number plates 333 DUC, 555 UNN and 444 MDC. This is in the order that I saw the cars with these number plates. I know people think I’m insane with this number thing but I believe that I’m seeing strings of […]