Month: December 2018

  • Be grateful for what you have comments…

    I’ve had enough of people telling me to be grateful for what I have and announcing to me that others have it worse. At least I’m not blind… I’m blind in one eye. I cannot see out of my left eye properly because the connections never developed. I have a home yes but several times […]

  • System changes cannot happen if anyone ‘helping’ is on both sides of alliances.

    I have noticed far too many people continually swapping sides from the system to the people who have been screwed over by the system. That is definitely not an option if we ever do truly want changes. This is technically reckless behaviour. I’ve seen it time and time again. It just doesn’t work even if […]

  • I’m tired of being tired… and yes that is a thing.

    I can sleep for hours and still wake up tired. It is getting annoying. I never get anything done. The state of my flat is quite messy and needs a clean but because I’m sleeping they never get done. I made it worse earlier today by popping in my flat with dirty shoes on to […]

  • Durr brained day!

    I went out earlier today only to discover that I had forgotten my purse. I had to drive ten minutes back to my home to get it before I could get petrol and bits that I needed from the Supermarket. I have such a dumb brain sometimes. I cannot stand being forgetful. I don’t like […]

  • Depression is not a choice. There is such a word as can’t… that saying was wrong in this modern day system.

    I’ve had many people comment on the fact that I shouldn’t be depressed because everything is starting to go better for me. It doesn’t change what happened to me. I still have the nightmares and can’t sleep. I’m still denied the help that I keep on asking the system for time and time again. I’m […]