Happy New Year! Hopefully 2019 is better than 2018. Reviewing my successes and failures.

We haven’t quite gone into 2019 yet in the UK. We have a few minutes before we reach next year. Happy New Year to the Countries that have already entered next year. I’m hoping that it will be much better than 2018 and many previous years. I haven’t had much luck and things have just not really gone to plan. I hope to finally learn how to control my mind rather than letting it dictate to me. However, I am not one to make new years resolutions because that adds to goals feeling like they are demands.

I saw the first Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Interactive film on Netflix last night. I remember when they were just starting to be made in 2008. They were one of the things we had to make them as part of our Media Production BTEC qualification. I’m still not really into them. I dislike the looping of the storyline which keeps taking you back to chose different outcomes. I actually find it quite annoying. I honestly thought that they’d never really become popular back when we had to produce one for our course. Video editing and camera work wasn’t my favourite part of the course. I preferred the written half of the course and drawing storyboards when it came to group work. I don’t mind working with Cameras or using video editing software but my preferred area of work is either writing scripts etc or doing artwork for things. I must have been okay at the Camera work and video editing because I got a distinction and two merits as my final grade mid 2010. Unfortunately my Father never got to see me get my grades because he passed away at the beginning of that year. I’m sure that he would be proud of what I achieved. I was never going to get all Distinctions but getting merits means your work is higher standard than those that just met the requirements to pass. Merits and Distinctions were awarded for technical abilities. That was the last time that I achieved anything in life.

2011 I had work experience at a local newspaper where I used to live down South. I made a complete hash of that because of my communication problems. It was also quite difficult to work with someone who had written an article that I found absolutely personally insulting. I had spoken to the newspaper previously about mental health and the book that I had written as a teenager. The way that they wrote it was highly offensive. I got rid of it from records by having a quiet word on the way back to his Car with the chief reporter there when I was shadowing him on a story. I had to take the book that I wrote off of the internet retail sites because of privacy issues. I’m sure that there are copies still out there because there was about 500 copies sold over about 5 years.  I think I may have given a few copies away too. It was never going to be a profitable book and I feel that I was a little too honest in it which backfired on me. But when we’re young we do naïve things before we find out what horrors life can throw at us.

Since then I had my Son in 2012. We all know that was a complete disaster because he ended up being forcibly adopted by 2014 after being in foster care since he was 8 weeks old. University didn’t work out in 2014. I managed to get my GCSES (English C, Sociology B, Psychology C, Biology [GCSE] and Law B) between 2015 to and 2018. I managed to improve my Maths level up from entry level 3 to level 1. I entered my artwork into the Letter in Mind – A way with colour exhibition to help the charity ‘The National Brain Appeal’ in London in 2018. Won two Chiristmas card competitions hosted by Autism charities when I was younger and more recently. Spent my Summer in Prison because of my social screw ups. I think I’ve covered the wrap up of successes and failures. If I’ve forgotten anything it’s too late because it’s officially midnight now!

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