I can’t sleep. I feel soul destroyed right now.

I can’t sleep because quite honestly I am absolutely fed up of people turning out to be shits. I’m not lying but I don’t have the full facts due to being kept in the dark about everything that has gone on behind my back. I can’t talk to anyone because I’m afraid of getting accused of things. This is why I don’t go out socially. I’m too retarded to know I’m in a dangerous situation which others would see before they got screwed over. I do not feel safe from potential accusations. I don’t even feel safe in my own home now because I have no witnesses in case I get accused of anything. I am very afraid of other people now because of everything that happened. I need to get away from my past and never talk about it again so that I’m not judged negatively. It was a mistake to be so open but I didn’t know that previously. I just want to be alone where no one can hurt me in any way anymore. I’m tired all the time because emotionally most of my life has been extremely difficult. I can never truly rest without nightmares waking me up. I am traumatised but the mental health system doesn’t take any notice of my emerging PTSD symptoms. They don’t even recognise pda type autism. How am I suppose to make progress if the required help isn’t available? I’m stuck in this hole of being traumatised and it’s a living hell. 

8 responses to “I can’t sleep. I feel soul destroyed right now.”

  1. People tried and tried to talk to you and give you help, but you just blocked them because they didn’t agree with your world view that you were the victim and the other person was evil for not wanting to turn a brief professional acquaintance into a personal friendship. This won’t stop until you leave her alone. That includes not posting lies on your blog/Twitter and everywhere else. Am very happy to talk to anyone about this. DM on Twitter.


  2. The version people believe is the version tested in court and found to be true. Don’t want to debate that, but calling someone a liar is defamatory; saying they committed perjury is very defamatory. The court found she was/is a victim. Those are the facts. If you have new facts, there should be a re-trial.


  3. I’m thinking maybe it would be nice if some people wouldn’t keep skulking around and hassling Em with not-very-veiled threats. I’m finding it pretty fucking creepy and it’s not even my blog.


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