I’m having a Christmas break.

I am having a break. This is why I haven’t been online a lot over the last 24 hours. I will be answering any messages after boxing day. I am having ‘me time’ and spending time with family. I am quite tired at the moment. I didn’t post a blog entry last night because I was catching up with other things. I had a very rare deep sleep last night and half of today. That doesn’t happen often. I am quite a light sleeper and it doesn’t help having sensitive hearing. I literally get woken up by the smallest of noises which is more problematic in a flat because you hear every movement the neighbour above and next door makes while you’re trying to get to sleep. I’m absolutely fine when I’m already asleep but it’s just getting to sleep without being woken up by small noises. If I wore ear plugs then I couldn’t hear my alarm in the morning.

I hope everyone has an okay Christmas (or Yule if you’re Pagan). I would also like to remind people not to post crap to each other while I’m away. I heard something today from a relative about someone slagging me off somewhere. I haven’t seen it but I do not want this kind of behaviour happening around the blog or my social networking sites. As I have said before I like to keep my outside and family life completely separate. I am told that one of my relatives replied to this comment. I haven’t seen this supposed comment but it has been mentioned in passing. In all honesty I really don’t even look at comments much any more. I’m always occupied by something more productive than online bitching nowadays. I don’t know the complete details but I’m just saying that I’d prefer people to discuss things with me directly if they have an issue rather than posting things online. 


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