It’s difficult being an empath. The feelings are signifying that things are in a terrible state.

I went over to the local City this evening to have my eyebrows done and do some Christmas Shopping. I start to feel quite guilty for having things in life when I see the amount of homeless on the streets there. I am finding it harder to take what is happening out there as someone who is empathic and intuitive. I walked through the centre of the City and felt so many awful things. It felt like I was walking through a perception of ‘Hell’. The homeless people with absolutely nothing is an awful state of affairs enough without the negative energy which is lingering around the City and it’s residents. It doesn’t feel like a happy environment. The pubs I walked passed has bouncers in the door ways. The conflict between people inside them really didn’t make them inviting. I remember this area from when I grew up here. I have never felt this much negative energy coming from the City here. Even a few years ago it was never in such a state of conflict and misery. 

We can’t keep things that way. I’ve been through my own trauma which makes me still suffer on a daily basis, but this makes me more able to feel these things. The suffering these people are going through is something we can all work together to prevent. I can’t see how others don’t seem to care that there is all that pain and negative energy in certain places. What the hell is wrong with them? I don’t expect a non-empath/intuitive type to be able to feel what is going on below the surface. However, they have the Eyes to see the things that are going on. I don’t have to point them out to others. It is obvious to anyone with Eyes and Ears by just walking through the City streets what a state things are getting into here. You don’t have to be an empath/intuitive type to notice it. I know that it is extremely easy for those that don’t feel things to turn a blind eye to the things that are going on. I cannot stand that attitude. These things are happening whether others bother to acknowledge it or not.

Brexit has caused a larger division than there ever has previously been in this country. We may be a mixture of a lot of things but we are all one thing… that is human. That one thing that unites us should be enough to bring us together. It shouldn’t matter where you were born or what religion a person may be (this seems to be the two major divides right now). There are many of us that need to look outside of our own lives and see the wider issues which we could all play a part in fixing. It has got to the point where we can no longer not intervene. There’s too much going on that needs fixing. Why should so many people’s lives be like living in Hell when it is totally preventable if we all work together to stop that?

I know that there are some Pagan’s that believe our existence here is Hell. I’m not saying they’re wrong. I am Pagan myself and have pondered that belief myself most of my life due to things I’ve experienced. I believe that my soul has been here before and that the things I experienced in this life are related to karma from previous existences. That is the only way that I can accept things like my Son’s adoption and all the pain that the system inflicted on me growing up. It still affects me but if I believe that it’s karma for awful things I did in a previous incarnation. As I’ve said previously on here. I have always felt evil. I also believe that I’m a soul that shouldn’t have come back so quickly. There was definitely a malfunction in the terms and conditions of my soul’s contract.