Ugh…. only way to describe my day / My Aspie Graph.

I feel like crap today!  The monthly issues have got worse again. Thankfully it’s not as bad… yet… as last month. I get so fed up with it. I didn’t have to go out much today so it didn’t stop me doing anything. However, when it times it wrongly it can stop me doing every day things. I’m hoping that it doesn’t kick off tomorrow because I have to go out quite early. I feel fine in myself but the way it’s acting is just seriously annoying. I don’t even have any monthly pains but it’s gone so heavy. I don’t want to go into details but it is getting on my nerves today. I go to the GP and they tell me that this is normal due to hormones. I had lots of tests done but they didn’t reveal anything. But at the same time it isn’t normal to lose so much blood per month that I end up anaemic. I get brain fog when I am low on iron.

I even forgot my mobile phone when I went out today. I never normally do that. I even put my charger in the bag but not my phone. That is just plain stupid. I left my phone in the Bathroom after having a Bath meaning to pick it up as I went out the front door (which is next to the Bathroom door in my flat). I was interrupted by a phone call on my landline which resulted in me forgetting to pick up my mobile phone because it side tracked my brain. I didn’t realise that I had left it behind until I’d driven down the road. I wasn’t going back. I had my laptop with me if anyone needed to contact me. I normally get tweeted or messaged on fb any way if those that know me want to get hold of me. Those that know me are aware I don’t like talking on the phone and don’t put me through that anxiety.


I was persuaded to do the popular Aspie Quiz (graph results above). I got the results Neurodiverse Score: 153 of 200, Neurotypical Score: 57 of 200. I’m definitely mostly Autistic. As you can see by the graph I got a high score of Talent, Perception, Relationship and Social skills on the Neurodiverse side. I only have slight scores in Neurotypical, Communication, Perception, Relationship and Social skills. This is why the severity of my Autism side isn’t noticeable to anyone else. This explains why I’m not believed. I always thought that I was mildly on the spectrum. These results show that I’m more on the spectrum than I previously thought. I am formally diagnosed but even when I received my label I wasn’t told any details about aspects of the condition.

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  1. Interesting results. I know I posted mine elsewhere but for comparison; mine is the one on the right:

    Scores are also broadly similar at 174 and 27 respectively. A lot of women seem to have sort of “stealth autism”: I think in part due to there being a persistent “Rain Man” perception of how autism is, even with it being more of a mainstream thing, and that the traits people tend to associate with it are more “male”. I guess it’s open to debate whether that’s the right label for it, but the point is that women often end up undetected and even psychologists seem to not be very accepting with comments like “I have an autistic patient and you’re nothing like them”. And I’m thinking, well, you have another autistic patient right in front of you who ended up being diagnosed as such twice, and *I’m* like me!

    But instead what we get are assumptions of being borderline/emotionally unstable or just sort of untrustworthy because as well as we can mask it there’s something a bit off, like not always being okay with looking people in the eye or just not “getting” stuff. And throw PDA into the mix… sigh.

    And likewise, neither of my diagnoses contained any embellishment at all: even the ADOS-2 report seemed a rather generic description, and the scores therein not especially meaningful. I can see why they do it because of the tendency to pigeonhole people, but when you just get “this patient has an autistic spectrum disorder lol” it seems to be down to us to figure out the exact manifestation and implications.


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