I simply cannot do this anymore.

Every single night I stay awake because I’m distressed over things which have happened. I am tired and in tears. I cannot live in this turmoil anymore. Others need to agree to change the situation. Things can’t be left the way that they are right now. I cannot live my life properly. This existence is hell. Others could do something about it if they wanted to do so. I can only assume that they don’t give a stuff about how badly it remains affecting me. Now I’ve kept to my end of the agreement. I think that I deserve things to change positively. The only way I’m going to feel better is directly sorting everything out which has happened with the other party. Only they can drop the order for that to happen. I was not giving them shit on purpose. I was crying out for a friend at one of the worse times of my entire life. Putting me through the criminal justice system which they said they’d never do initially has subsequently caused more damage. I can’t lay awake every night in tears. It needs sorting out. I cannot stress enough how this is stopping me from sleeping.

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