Can’t sleep again!

I have tried to get to sleep for ages but as it’s not happening I’ve given up for a bit. I have sensitive hearing tonight. I can hear someone’s washing machine in the flat above me. Someone without stupidly sensitive hearing could not hear that noise. I can’t really get annoyed about it because I sometimes do my washing during the night due to the electricity rate being cheaper. There’s also the fact that I can just get up and hang them on the clothes horse to dry if it’s all done by the time I wake up. I haven’t even been able to sleep properly for the last week or so when it’s even been extremely quiet. I don’t like the humming of my fridge but I don’t always hear that all the time. I’m lucky that my hearing isn’t sensitive all the time now. It used to be but headphones in your ears with music on over time has dulled that sensitivity a bit. The times when it goes sensitive is still quite irritating though. 

I have finally managed to get the Cats to make up their mind to stay in tonight. I had the window open for two hours (which in this weather is like letting ice in) waiting for them to come in. I do sometimes leave the window open for them but at this time of the year it’s getting far too cold. I don’t think that they particularly like the cold right now either. Mimi is asleep next to me and Mister is snuggled up in the Cat basket. I have my electric blanket on in my bed (which Mimi is enjoying too) because for the last few hours my room has been icy cold due to the window being open.

I’m kept awake a lot thinking I’m an awful person. I don’t want anyone to think I’m nasty or weird etc. I’m a nice person. Maybe I am a bit weird but being normal is boring. I’m such a nice caring person that when a baby Owl flew into my car window screen on the motorway once I hated myself for months. There was literally nothing that I could do to have prevented it because it flew straight into the window screen. There is no way it could have possibly survived because I was doing the motorway speed limit. I kept seeing it’s little face come head first into the window screen. I saw it’s eyes. I felt so awful for a long time after that. I make a huge effort not to accidentally hit animals when I’m driving but this came at me far too fast. It had happened before I even saw it flying towards the window screen. I am one of those people that see the soul within animals. I can see it in their eyes. I can communicate with them too. Obviously not in spoken language but they can understand me and I can understand them non verbally. I saw the sheer terror in the baby Owl’s eyes as it hit the window. I don’t think it had learned to fly properly and it must have mistakenly flew into motorway traffic.

Dave (stray cat) still follows me into my flat most days to see what bits of food he can get off of me. I also clean his eye gunk out for him as well. He’s adopted another neighbour now but still likes to visit me. I’m glad he’s found somewhere else because my Cats don’t like him. It’s hard on Mister when Dave comes onto his territory. I know that Mister gets annoyed at me for letting him in but it’s only for a few minutes a day now that Dave is living elsewhere. I see all three of the Cats as extended members of my family. They were a little cold with me when I got out of Prison but they seem to be settling down again now. Mister didn’t cope well when I wasn’t around. He was very stressed. Mimi ran away for a few days apparently. Dave obviously noticed I weren’t around so decided to move in with another neighbour. Even Dave was strange with me at first. He is only just letting me stroke him again after 3 months.

I’m probably going to have a random dream again if I do manage to sleep at some point tonight. The last one I had involved cascading water leaking out of the ceiling, Kat Slater, but she didn’t have the tan and was dressed in black rather than the usual fashion that character wears. Her east end accent was definitely a give away though. I swear that it wasn’t as strong as it actually is in EastEnders. Sometimes people can appear as well known characters in a dream but not themselves. She was slightly different from the Kat Slater character on television. I can’t mention personal information from the dream but that was the main gist of it.