It’s all completely madness!

Theresa May could be chucked out by her own party tonight. Strong and Stable? I’m sorry but recent events have shown that it’s the complete opposite. The people that are elected to effectively run the Country are acting like children. They cannot agree to anything. They don’t even have the ability to compromise. Brexit has become a huge mess. I don’t think it is wise for us to leave now. We know so much more about the actual reality of Brexit now. It is in our best interests to remain in the union. I know that there are a lot of people still supporting the leave side but many of us have gone to the remain side after weighing up the pros and cons of what is materialising as the reality. The vote results was quite close in the original referendum. If we had a second vote I am sure those of us who changed sides since the decision has been explored would create a noticeable gain for the remain vote. 

There is nothing to lose. This Country is broke anyway. Whether we leave or remain the cuts will continue to happen. The EU is going to bill us for leaving the union and if we stay we will get charged a fee daily to be in that union. We are talking huge amounts of money being spent either way. The membership fee will break us if the exit fee doesn’t break us. The UK is already in debt due to reckless spending on things like MP’s expenses (the ridiculous expenses which were approved for them to claim back… eg. one claimed for his daughters rent). This is the reason why the whole welfare system has been cut and the replacements like Universal Credit has been rolled out. These changes aren’t to be beneficial to any of those that need to claim benefits due to their circumstances. It wasn’t to make it easier for us to have one payment per month including our rent etc. I’m dreading the day they switch my ESA to Universal Credit because I’ve heard so many terrible things about it. I’ve seen the poverty it’s causing those that I see on a regular basis. They stop all the benefits as soon as the application for Universal Credit is being processed. Then there is an 5 to 8 weeks wait (it’s been longer for some) to receive any money.

Then the social care support system for people with disabilities are also horrendously affected by the cuts. Funding has to be approved in advance for a certain amount of support sessions with a worker now. Once that goes over the set limit the person is left on their own. That becomes problematic when disabled people are using support workers to help with the benefits change over. Over 18s don’t have an assigned social worker anymore. Disabled adults are signed on and off of social workers on a temporary basis if a support need is identified. They come out to see the person and then close the file. The councils can get around having to provide disabled adults support if they’ve come out to do an assessment and recorded their findings stating that they’ve given leaflets for things like Mind to the service user.