Ptsd symptoms always at a stupid hour!

I am always kept awake by PTSD type symptoms at night. I find it so annoying. I do feel traumatised during the day but it’s too intense to sleep at night. I know that its entirely down to me to get over everything because others don’t want to fix things or even care about the impact their decisions have had on me. I just don’t have the strength back yet. I have barely any inner strength left after going through many things which were traumatic and upsetting quite closely together. It has ground me down to someone I don’t even know anymore. I act traumatised now because others actually have started to notice those traits.  I’m always on edge and apparently always get quite twitchy. I don’t feel like I can sit still much. I always have to be on the move. I can’t stay like this because I barely sleep. I desperately need a break from it. I wish that others would help me out but they can’t see how much damage has been done and they don’t care enough to fix what they helped manifest.