A bit of progress. I haven’t liked the weather today though. And our best option for local council/county council merges.

The weather is irritating today. I got wet feet just going places in my Car earlier. I barely slept last night but I caught up with a few hours sleep this morning. I had no choice but to go out earlier because of my Probation appointment. I can’t just miss them without a proper excuse. The fact that I’m finding it hard to sleep isn’t a valid reason in the eyes of the authorities. There was some progress at my appointment. I’m being referred to another team that will be more useful to me. I don’t know what to expect yet but my Offender Manager has been sorting out my case over the last few weeks.

They’ve decided on this option rather than one to one work with me because this particular service are more appropriate. The person that manages my case isn’t that familiar with my condition. They were trying to come up with the most helpful option for my circumstances. I’ve been open about my constant anxiety and I think that everyone is trying to coax me out slowly because they know it is quite difficult for me after everything that has happened. I can’t say that it will be an easy task because I’m not able to sleep much. That doesn’t put a person in the best mood or help anxiety during the daytime.

I came home to a grumpy Cat. I think he isn’t happy because it’s raining every time he goes to the window and then he doesn’t want to go out. He gets bored when he’s inside. He’s been meowing at me and trying to lick the empty Cat food packets which were put in the bin. I have been told to put him on a diet because he’s got overweight. He isn’t enjoying this new feeding routine though. He even sits next to me when I’m eating my dinner ready to lick the plate after I’m done. I had to cut his food down because he was overweight on the Vets chart. He’s making me feel guilty but the way he is acting though. It’s not like he doesn’t get enough food. He would eat constantly if I let him. Mimi has now got over her operation and Mister is recognising her again. Mister was hissing at her in passing for 3 days because she didn’t smell familiar since her trip to the Vets.

I have just seen that they are still considering joining the district councils in our local area. We apparently have 2 options here. The county and district councils need to chose the option which involves joining with the city council. The City has always got more funding than the county council despite that area being smaller than  all the County’s combined. We need to join with the City to  get the extra funding that they receive but we don’t get within the County. This County has always been the worse funded in the UK. We have to join with the City because this will finally give us more funding. We aren’t going to get any more funding allocated to us as a County because the bias has always been against our locality. I urge the officials that are in charge of these decisions to chose the above option. There is no benefit to the County and District Councils joining together. We can only gain things by joining the City Council because the funding that they get can be evenly spread to improve the services in the County and Districts. We can’t afford to take the wrong option here.