Books vs. Blogs – Which influences public views and leads to change the most?

Blogs are the new way writers publish content most regularly nowadays. This may be the modern way to share views/opinions but does it have the most influence on readers and lead to real change within society? I honestly don’t feel that Blogs have the ability to influence the minds of it’s readers or promote much needed changes by the issues that the author may raise. I’m aware that everything is E-books and Kindle editions now. Books in any format seem to have a better success rate in this department than Blogs (Vlogs are slightly more influential because emotional connection can be established via a video which can engage the viewers). Vlogs for me are completely out of the question because I just find it extremely uncomfortable talking on a camera. I don’t have the confidence to do that. The one video that I did for World Mental Health Day showed how my nerves are visible when I’m being filmed.

I think that I should write a Book to have a wider impact on promoting Pathological Demand Avoidance type Autism. Contrary to popular belief there are pockets of the population in this world that aren’t connected to the internet in any way. Although I do not have the patience required to finish writing a Book. I find the length hard and keeping the idea flowing without repeating myself. There is so much more change needed within society which is why I can’t fully rest until I have fought for those changes. I have to do certain things because I would like a better life. I don’t want my life to stay the way that it is right now. Yes I’ve already fought for a lot but there is still so much to do.

There are certain things that need to be put across to the public to improve my life and others with PDA type Autism. This can only be put across in Book format because Blogs have no authority when it comes to this kind of message. In a Book I can detail every single point behind what I am trying to get across in a convincing and clear manner. This is hard to do on a Blog because people don’t go online to read reams of paragraphs. I’ve had to learn to summarise on the Blog because I wrote far too much when I first started Blogging. Writing for an online market requires small paragraphs which are easy to read.