Migraine from our stressful system. Every single part of our current system sucks!

I’ve been trying to get hold of the DWP about my missed payment all day but no one has picked up. I now need a rest for a while because I have the worse migraine materialising. I have used an email address which isn’t in the public domain because of not being able to get through on the phone line. This isn’t an ideal option. I am hoping that this member of staff isn’t on annual leave or something. I cannot give the contact detail out because this isn’t an official channel. I’ve only messaged what I need looking into and sorting out because I have tried everything else but can’t get through due to the line being constantly busy today. I’ve also made my MP aware of what is going on because they’ve represented my interests to the DWP on previous occasions.

In regards to the system in general. I am seriously not a fan of it and think it doesn’t work. Instead it persists to cause more issues and it’s time people started acknowledging this fact. Carrying on with the same system which we can all logically see is actually counterproductive is absolutely a futile operation. I don’t enjoy stepping on the toes of others in higher positions but if it is to push for changes this is exactly what I’m prepared to do. The whole University situation was caused by how things were done in their system. This isn’t wholly about the University situation here. This is just a firm example of how things can spiral out of control and escalate due to the current policies that there are followed in education places. I haven’t just learned out of a book but lived it. They should listen to those that have lived it rather than purely focused on what they say in books.

I don’t have a degree in Psychology, Psychiatry, Education or anything along them lines. I do however know what it’s like to be someone with a form of Autism and how our current system is completely counterproductive to catering for those with these conditions. I have always said that if I wasn’t given a spot to shine then I would just take the opportunity whenever I could. It is potentially the only way I’ll ever make it because no one is willingly going to give me any kind of role. I am someone that people could learn from. I have overcome so much despite the issues I still find a struggle. I had a nasty accident when a bully pushed me over at school (landed straight on my forehead and subsequently got a massive bump come up). I developed Epilepsy shortly after this accident. I grew out of Epilepsy. I was treated wrongly for it by the infamous doctor who is still allowed to practice despite the NHS getting sued due to his negligence (diagnosed many children with Epilepsy that didn’t actually have it). I have been doing this Autism awareness stuff since I was 17 years old. That is over a decade.

I do everything because I genuinely care and I’ve never thought about the concept of potentially being paid for that area of my life. I wrote a book when I was a teenager about having Autism (however it is no longer available now because I took it down after privacy concerns). I have written articles throughout my life for different places starting from when I was about 14. I’ve also submitted artwork to various places for charities to sell for funds. I survived an Autistic Treatment Unit as a teenager. That is an achievement because many have died in those places or been languishing in them for decades. I am currently involved with the campaign to put a stop to these types of units after Bethany’s story was published by the media.

I fought my son’s adoption which resulted in a family court judge being placed in this locality that has put a stop to a lot of the child services adoptions. He hasn’t stopped all adoptions but both the county and the city services have got away with a lot less since he took his position in this locality. I made that happen by making my application to Coventry locality insisting that we had that judge over here. He ended up being permanently left over here because he is a circuit judge. I may not have stopped my own Son’s adoption but I know that I’ve made a positive difference to others that have had the misfortune to also go through that situation. I am not allowed contact via letterbox officially with my son because of that stunt I pulled. I sacrificed my own happiness in order to get changes around here. I may not have official qualifications but I have a hell of a lot of experience to prove that I know exactly how to push for change and what changes are required to make things better for all within the current systems. 

2 thoughts on “Migraine from our stressful system. Every single part of our current system sucks!

  1. Do you ever sit and think about an ordinary family who are just getting on with their lives and hardly remember that horrible business with the courts? You should, because that is a gift you gave them and you are allowed to enjoy their reactions to it…


    1. It makes my pain worth something if other families stayed together due to my efforts… I don’t have the family which I wanted though. My son meant everything to me.


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