Extreme anxiety when your ESA payment hasn’t come in.

I am far too anxious to be able  to sleep. I was due an ESA payment today but I didn’t receive it. I have read online that others have had this glitch after being granted pip payments. I just wish that the dwp was open 24/7 at these times because I’m too wound up to sleep. I’m scared that another obstacle has cropped up. This whole system is a case of when you sort one obstacle out there is another one that crops up. It’s horrendously stressful. It’s even worse when you get anxious using the phone anyway. I don’t like using it even to call friends. I’m sure that everyone who has had issues with ESA payments will be aiming to ring as soon as the dwp open tomorrow morning. Then we end up in a long queue which increases my anxiety. I get scenario after scenario as to why my payment has not been sent in my head while waiting on the line. I’m most likely going to be tongue tied by the time I reach a customer service agent. The whole system is screwed. As a disabled adult you think that you have things sorted and everything malfunctions. Last week I thought that financially I had sorted things so that they would run smoothly for the time being. Only for a payment not to come in as scheduled only a few days later. I can’t look after myself and get over certain things if all this keeps happening.