Everything is sorted :)

I finally sorted my ESA payment out. I got a phone call after I emailed the address which I had for them. They left a message while I was having a nap telling me not to worry they’ve authorised it and that it was on the way to me. I now have it in my account so the panic is over. I only had 3 hours sleep last night because I was constantly worrying about why I hadn’t been received the payment which was due. Luckily it was just a mix up due to the system approving PIP payments after my appeal. It has happened to a lot of people when the system has been updated. There is somehow a breakdown in the automatic payment system.

I am actually quite glad that today is over because apart from the nap which I needed because only 3 hours sleep had given me a migraine. I’m also about to venture into territory I have absolutely no experience with but I feel that it is about time that someone does certain things. Why does it have to be me? Why can’t it be me? If someone doesn’t take steps then changes never happen. I have nothing to lose due to where I am in life. I’ve lost everything previously so there is only gains for me if what I am planning to do is successful. I’m sorry but it has to remain totally under wraps for now. I will publish it on here if it is successful.

I need to get some sleep soon because I’m still tired. I washed my hair so I can’t go to bed just yet. I have a sink full of dishes to wash up before I do finally go to bed. The most annoying piece of housework apart from cleaning things like the toilet. I’m not domesticated. I find housework even difficult to think about when I’m depressed let alone do it. That keeps going up and down so when I get a few hours where I’m not depressed I do the household chores. I have tried to adapt in certain areas to get around parts of my disability and depression. I find it quite difficult but I somehow make it look easy to the blog readers. I don’t publish how many times I’ve previously failed at these attempts while growing up though.