Another early start tomorrow.

I have to get up very early tomorrow to get Mimi to the Vets for half 8 as they want the inpatients in there for operations when they open. I have my alarm set for 7am. I am already not looking forward to getting myself out of bed at that time. She is also going to be grumpy all night because the instruction sheet says she isn’t allowed food and isn’t able to go outside the night before the operation. They are both quite chilled at the minute but by the morning I know she’ll be climbing up the walls because she likes to go outside a lot. I can’t let Mister out in case she makes a dash for it to follow him outside. I think that it may be raining at the moment which will stop them being so keen on going outside any way. I’m nervous about her operation because they put them under a general aesthetic. I have had to sign something to say that I understand the risks. I know there is a small chance of it going wrong but I still get very worried. I try not to think about it. I was the same when Mister went under to remove an abscess on his face (which he got from scraping with Dave). He was fine but she’s a lot smaller. I know she’s tougher than Mister and she had a general aesthetic before when they sprayed her.

I dyed my hair bluey green (turquoise) when I’d got alcohol in me last night. However, I am really not sure about it now that I’ve got no alcohol in my system. Here is a photo of it below:


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