Today went successfully :)

The PIP appeal was successful. I was extremely nervous after going through months of worrying. That is one huge weight off of my mind. I am able to afford to live again rather than worrying about being unable to afford essentials. I’ve changed as a person while not having enough money coming in. I’m not a wasteful person that takes things for granted any longer. I’ve met others affected by Universal Credit change over with absolutely nothing. I try not to feel guilty that I now have mine back and they’re still stuck under the new system that has been rolled out. I’m not looking forward to when they finally phase Employment and Support Allowance out because we’re all going to be forced onto the new benefit. I just have to be thankful that I do not have to deal with these changes yet. Apparently they’ve suspended the roll out to reorganise the Universal Credit system. I don’t trust that they’ll do this for very long. Brexit is really going to mess the UK up financially. That is assuming that it goes ahead. If no one can actually agree on a deal then we aren’t going to be able to leave.

The weather is miserable today. It hasn’t even got light properly today. Wet and Greyness is going to most likely be the pattern for the next few months. However it is warmer than normal for this time of year. I am just hoping that we don’t get snow again because I had a car accident in it last year. I still haven’t got my confidence back to drive in that kind of weather. I backed into a bollard in the coops car park earlier but lucky no damage was caused to either my car or the bollard. I’m probably not the only person that has done it because of the angle and lack of room that they have left for Cars to back out of the spaces I was just glad to get back home because I’m tired. I was unable to sleep properly last night because my anxiety was sky high about today.

I feel slightly more relaxed than I have done in months. I was scared about the things they were going to ask me. I’m not great at answering questions in every day circumstances. I have friends that tell me I should be a politician because I skip around any direct questioning but stick to the subject I’ve been asked about. That isn’t an intentional thing or a sign of dishonesty on my part. I just find it hard to answer points on a direct basis. I have a brain that can’t answer a question directly and it seems like I change my mind regularly about things because every time I articulate something it comes out differently.

One response to “Today went successfully :)”

  1. That doesn’t sound like a politician to me: they just obfuscate and answer what is convenient to them rather than what was asked! The further away from the subject in question the better. 😀

    And when it comes to parking… eek. I just can’t. As I’ve recently commented elsewhere, I can zip through a gap only marginally wider than the car at speed, but trying to park even in a gigantic space when there’s nobody else around… not going to happen.

    But of course your main news thing is really a wonderful success and you should see it not just as one battle won but that you’re capable of taking them on and winning. So even if they do arse about with ESA, you know you have what it takes. Feeling empowered is one of the absolutely best things, and one of the worst for those who would do us wrong.


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