Yawn…. getting old now!

I have been suffering with my cold all day but I’m not rising to other peoples crap. I had a troll leave a comment on here today calling themselves yourdestroyer. They said that I was going to basically be destroyed because of what I did to the tutor at Uni. Telling me that they were glad that I got kicked out. And that they’d make sure that I got what was coming to me. Instead of rising to any attempts to wind me up. I am now logging any messages that I get sent my way. I’m prepared to take legal action if I need to go down that road. I refuse to get punished again for reacting towards other people’s nastiness.

I’m not reacting. I am trying to raise awareness of Pathological Demand Avoidance  for myself and the future generations that may go through experiences similar to mine due to others not understanding and reacting to things which upset them. I honestly didn’t want the other person involved with the Uni situation to be dismissed from their job. Those that know me will back me up at how awful I felt when I found out. I found it hard to sleep for a few weeks. I had to go on medication to be able to settle. I had people close to me telling me it was karma after what happened but that was no comfort to me. Whoever commented please be aware that your VPN is not covering exactly where you’re posting from. If I gave evidence over to the police you’d be easily traceable.

I’ll not think twice about going to report trolling and there are new laws now stating that those that troll can be prosecuted. If you really want to be part of something positive you can post about PDA and write to your local MP to try to get this form of Autism approved in the UK. This will get those that need the support for PDA the help they need and prevent unpleasant situations which has occurred. Things don’t have to stay the way they are now. We can fight for the support those of us with PDA need and nothing negative has to happen ever again. I still care about the other person. I don’t feel good about what happened. I have to live with that guilt and how it affects me without others getting involved. 

4 responses to “Yawn…. getting old now!”

  1. Pathetic you are.. me and Mary Adams will make sure you wont get anywhere… your future is over. Together with the uni and your past with Johnny we have a good case going on….


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