Bad news today :(

I spoke to my GP today. Apparently the local Psychiatric service has declined my referral stating that they do not recognise PDA in this area so they aren’t able to help. I wasn’t expecting to get anywhere but it’s expensive to go private and I’d have to go out of this area if I wanted to get a diagnosis because here it isn’t an approved diagnosis. I can’t get the right support if I can’t get categorised with the correct diagnosis. It has sent my anxiety sky high because I can’t wait any longer for the support to help me control my PDA side. I’m never going to be able to have a ‘normal’ life if I don’t get that support which only can be accessed with a recategorization. I have bitten all my nails down and now they’re really sore. I also discussed my monthlies with the GP. I don’t have much options in that department either. I either take the iron tablets to treat my anaemia and then end up housebound for a few days a month due to how heavy those tablets make it. Or, I try contraception (mini pill) which will prevent my monthly cycle  so that I do not lose any iron which means I won’t end up anaemic all the time. I’m not keen on either option. If I can keep them at a level then I’m able to deal with them as one of those aspects of being female but if they go like they have been doing I’m going to have to do something.

I’m still feel awful because my cold is still lingering. I’m being driven mad by my constantly runny nose. I have a sore nose and I feel full of germs. I’m starting to get a migraine today. The weather doesn’t help. I try to keep warm to stop it getting worse but I think I made it worse. I didn’t even go out for a walk. I used my car today to get to places.

Society seems to be going crazy. On the news there was a piece about Marks and Spencer’s window display being sexist because it includes underwear for women which is quite revealing. A feminist group has called for it to be banned because of it being ‘offensive’. There have always been underwear for women displays in shop windows. Why now is it suddenly unacceptable? It’s not telling women that it is compulsory to wear this type of underwear but is merely a suggestion for a purchase at Christmas. The fact that it is placed next to a window display saying that men have to dress a certain way is merely also a suggestion for Christmas purchases. The only thing that feminist groups should be concerned about is the way men treat women regularly. For instance, wolf whistles, sexist comments and treating us like we are below them. I don’t find it a compliment to be wolf whistled by builders when I walk past them. I have had attitudes from males in the media industry either treating me like I’m not as skilled or only seeing me for the way I look. There are many males that don’t see us females as equal to them despite changes within society. Those of us that are attractive notice these attitudes more because we get approached by men with quite questionable motives (meaning they only want to get into our ‘knickers’). Window displays aren’t what the feminist groups should be focusing on. 

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