I haven’t stopped all day. And now I’m not well again.

I managed to get a lot of housework I left for a while. I have gone to finally sit down and my monthly has now started kicking off again. It’s that bad I’m sitting on newspaper to stop it going on my sofa. I’m hoping that it goes away soon because it’s annoying me. I still have a cold which isn’t making me feel any better. I have appointments tomorrow so I’m really hoping both have improved by then.

I‘m still disorganised. The flat I live in looks a mess. It just needs a load of things cleared out because it’s cluttered with things I know that I’ll no longer use. It’s just overwhelming trawling through mountains of old clothes etc. I need to clear stuff out because I can’t fit any more new things in (when I can finally afford to replace things). I need to be able to concentrate on things first before taking on major clear out tasks. This is part of how I my mind has been affected by things I’ve been through. I literally find it hard to focus because my head is all over the place due to high anxiety. I tried to write a book but I couldn’t do that either. I manage to exercise earlier. I don’t know if that has triggered how my monthlies have gone again. I have been trying to get rid of the bloat. I am exercising every day a bit so hopefully I can train my waist and other bits to get more toned. I didn’t do those toning exercises for a while and noticed the flab. The worse areas are thighs and stomach.

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