I wasn’t better :(

I managed to get what I needed to do some before I got ill again. I have gone to bed because I am in pain. I’m not as bad as yesterday but I still can’t do a lot. I thought that I was ok this morning but it came back. I need to rest for a bit. I’m hoping that I’m better later because it’s stopping me from doing things. I have got rid of my sore throat which is something.

I’m trying to get others to listen to me when it comes to Pathological Demand Avoidance type Autism but I’m sure that I will just be talking to brick walls again.  I really don’t want to get punished for trying to explain it either. I’m not breaking any laws and freedom of expression is a human right. I’m not attacking any one but merely talking about the reality of having this form of Autism and pushing for changes.

2 thoughts on “I wasn’t better :(

  1. You need Guinness: it’s good for you, apparently. Though I’m admittedly not really a fan. Still think you should look into C-PTSD as well as PDA as I don’t think they’re mutually exclusive. And who’s giving the the arse ache for talking about PDA? I know it’s not yet formally recognised in the UK but punishing sounds a bit extreme.

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    1. Not yet but I probably won’t get listened to which is like being punished.


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