I feel much better today! Up early and ready to face the day!

I was awake at 6am which is something that is a daily occurrence for me but I don’t normally get up. It doesn’t matter what time I go sleep I still wake up early. I felt so much better this morning so I stayed up after feeding the Cats and turning on the heating. I can barely feel my sore throat this morning. I do still have my cold but I’ve lost the soreness. The other parts of me seem to be behaving themselves so far. I’m hoping it stays that way because yesterday was really beyond ridiculous. It doesn’t make me housebound that often. I’m used to going out for a walk daily so I felt frustrated by yesterday evening. I hate not being able to do anything properly. I didn’t feel like doing anything on the laptop because of my sore throat either. I ended up sitting around all day hoping that it would all pass quite quickly. I just felt sore and uncomfortable to the point where I couldn’t settle. I’m not as bloated as previously so I’m hoping things are going to improve. I am far from over the cold but at least the sore throat part has passed.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot to catch up on today so I’m off now. Hope everyone has a good day despite the fact that it is a Monday and turning to Winter. I don’t like the early darkness especially if I’m later back from walking or driving at that time. Winter temperatures are coming later this week so we’ll be freezing. We have been quite lucky with the temperatures so far because it’s been rather mild for this time of year. I have my birthday in the month of October and this year it wasn’t cold like it normally is at that point. I’m used to the weather getting freezing by the time I have my birthday. October is normally cooling down. I didn’t even need my coat on when I went outside during that month this year. I just had a little leather jacket on. I must go because Mimi wants to go outside and is circling me making noises.