Children in Need etc. Pathological Demand Avoidance Children won’t benefit from these collections.

I’m not trying to upset anyone by voicing this opinion but I feel it needs to be said. I’m not the only one that has this point of view because I’ve discussed it with others before posting this entry. The children that get given money from things like Children in Need Collections aren’t going to be the ones with Pathological Demand Avoidance. Those with this condition are just left by the system because of it being seen as purely behaviour issues. We need funds just to get the NHS and professionals to officially acknowledge this more complex form of Autism. The National Autistic Society are also asking for funds as part of a Christmas appeal (saw it on social media earlier). The PDA society need these funds much more because in comparison they’re a fairly new charity that get a lot less donated to them than NAS (registered Charity number 1165038 .

I also saw a bit on the News about Children and Young People’s Mental Health being unfit for purpose earlier. I don’t know why they’ve only just started saying this now. That service was even unfit for purpose when I was a child. I was failed because they apparently knew I had a form of Autism but wouldn’t diagnose me early enough to get services from childhood. I left school without any diagnosis and my Parents literally had to fight to get me a diagnosis. Even the team that diagnosed me weren’t in this area. Then I was diagnosed with the wrong form of Autism. This area is underfunded and never spends money on helpful services. They do things on the cheap because of lack of funding and then wonder why so many people commit suicide or at least attempt to do that. We have been basically failed for years but only now is it starting to get brought to the publics attention. Those of us that grew up before this generation was constantly ignored.

We desperately need to put money into specific Pathological Demand Avoidance services because the next generation of young people on this part of the spectrum are going to be labelled Criminal, Sectioned or even sent to Prison. I don’t want any one else to go through the trauma of my own experiences. Society doesn’t realise that these PDA traits are not just behaviour based. They can be sensory or lack of social understanding and the inability to learn how to be socially. The sensory issue lead to meltdowns which can also happen if the person isn’t listened to by others. Every request feels like a demand to them and they will innately resist it. The Pathological aspect means that being demanded to do something a certain way will make them literally ill. It causes them intense stress. I get it and I am literally physically sick due to stress build up. This is how it works. That is why I was telling others I was physically getting ill because the restraining order is a huge demand for me. Others don’t get it though. They think it’s all about them but sometimes that isn’t the case. I was trying to explain this to someone else when I got imprisoned for breaking that order which felt like an extreme weight on top of me due to the demand thing.