I can barely even move today.

I got up today and literally cannot move far without my monthly flooding. I still don’t feel well because of my cold so I have admitted defeat and gone back to bed. I got more all over me attempting to have a Bath to clean everything off of me. I’m fighting a losing battle today. That is why I gave up because it’s tiring. I’m housebound and will probably run out of things before the shops open again tomorrow. I barely have any ‘pads’ or milk. It’s not like I can have many cups of tea. I was going to go out today to get those few bits but then things happened. I’m going to have to just sit here doing as little as possible until it passes. I’m thinking of sleeping for a lot of that time because I feel that uncomfortable.

I have a sore throat that is like sandpaper. I can barely move without getting into a mess. I’m not going to get anything done anyway so I may as well catch up with sleep. I’ve taken something for my throat because it got so bad I kept losing my voice. A rest will probably do me good. There isn’t much you can actually do to get rid of a cold or stop things controlled by hormones. I’ve been to the GP about the reoccurring monthly issues but they just say it’s hormones and there is nothing that can be done. I was low on iron but I’m not taking those tablets for it because they make it ten times worse. I’ve proven it. I took them last week and now it’s so bad I’m housebound. I tried to go out earlier. I didn’t even make it to the corner shop before it flooded. I am sitting on newspaper because I don’t trust it not to flood again. I don’t want it on my sofa or bed. I even put paper on the car seat when I’m like this because it causes less hassle due to not having the extra stress of cleaning things. It is getting beyond ridiculous now though.

If those that say it’s only hormones had to deal with this every month they’d soon be investigating solutions. I’ve tried so many things to prevent these issues but nothing is working. I’ve changed what I eat and drink. I exercise regularly. I do everything possible to prevent these issues. I have also noticed that I get extremely bloated when it gets this bad. This can’t be ‘normal’. I shouldn’t be unable to go out because I fear being embarrassed and can’t even move far without getting into a huge mess. The embarrassment and the fact that I can’t go anywhere is the most awful part about being this way. I can’t even do anything around the flat because moving around is potentially disastrous. 

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