Getting quicker at recovering from burnout :) / Trying to be the ‘one that makes it happen’. I’m not able to see everything on PDA as it happens.

I felt exhausted this morning when I woke up because I did more yesterday than I have for a long time. I recovered from burnout I felt by this afternoon. I then went for about a 9 mile walk. I now have a migraine coming on so I probably am still burnt out a bit. I came back to do the housework because it was a mess in my flat. I then had a Bath which warmed me up after being out there for 2 and a half hours. It’s not too cold yet but I’m starting to feel the difference when I go for a walk.

I didn’t watch the programme featuring PDA yesterday because I was busy. Anyway I can’t be everywhere. I’m the person that is trying to put PDA on the map. I’m normally in the process of organising the next plan to get PDA awareness out there. I can’t watch or read every single thing that is put into the public about the condition. I did read something online about what was on that BBC 2 programme the other day. I have helped others out that have ended up hating me because of my PDA traits but they don’t have a clue how I name dropped them and got them opportunities. I’m not going any further on that one either. This isn’t about the person I mentioned the other day. This is other people throughout my life. I’m used to not being listened to if I am open about having a form of Autism. Therefore I have left it out at times when I’ve done some namedropping others work to organisations that can progress their career. I wish it worked for myself but it doesn’t work if you namedrop yourself as people just think you’re being self centred.