Controversial views (apologies in advance) on Wars and PDA vs. Personality Disorder.

I don’t want to upset the families of those that died in the 1st world war today. I just have a view that is worth thinking about by those that run our country. Those that went off to fight in both WW1 and WW2 were under the impression that they were going into the situation to make positive changes within society. I agree that there was a point and positive results after the Wars. There is also another side though. If those that fought came back now and saw the state of our country they’d wonder why they sacrificed their lives leaving their families behind to never see them ever again. Brexit is causing the type of division that they fought to end. The government that we have now is the type of evil corruptness which these people wanted to defeat by going to fight in the Wars. Government policies which are causing the deaths and suffering of thousands with disabilities across the UK. The cuts that are generally causing suffering to the wider population without disabilities. And there will most likely be a WW3 with the likes of Donald Trump and the disastrous Brexit negotiations fuelling the undercurrents which may lead to it.

We haven’t learned anything from past conflict events. There is very little working together within our society and a vast amount of division that causes major problems. It’s one thing commemorating these the past Wars but we also need to change how we do things and learn that divisions don’t help any of us in society. We haven’t learned as individuals and the members of our Government are even worse than us.

Next, I’d like to discuss the differences between Pathological Demand Avoidance and a Personality Disorder known as Avoidant Personality Disorder. The criteria of symptoms overlap. One is Autism based but the other is Mental Health based. The PDA is normally caused by Autism within a persons genetics (biological cause). Whereas, Avoidant Personality Disorder manifests during life experiences. A person with PDA will feel guilt which leads them into meltdowns or distressed states because they constantly fight their Autism side. Those with Avoidant Personality Disorder will appear as quite strict people who are extremely set in their ways. They do not have melt downs. The anger is the same for both conditions but they keep it hidden. They will avoid what makes them anxious or angry in the both conditions. However, Avoidant Personality Disordered individuals will NEVER feel remorse for their actions. They’ll continue to think that they are right about something even if they are presented with proof that states otherwise. This goes for many individuals with any type of Personality Disorder. They just can’t feel remorseful or admit they’re wrong. Those with PDA know that they got things wrong and beat themselves up about it until a meltdown occurs when the distress causes stress to build up.

When it comes to relationships there is a distinct difference too. Those with PDA won’t be able to establish a relationship because of the Autism part. The ones with Avoidant Personality Disorder can establish relationships but as soon as they feel a connection of seriousness or the other person wants a long term commitment they just cut them off acting like they never existed. PDA individuals are cut off because their Autism part stops any connections. Avoidant Personality Disordered individuals freeze others out, in their world it is just them. They don’t want anyone else in this world because it exposes their darker side and they fear things due to parts of their past. I’m not saying that those with Personality Disorders are awful people. I am simply explaining the differences here. I mean no offence to anyone. I just think it’s important to point out the differences to those that don’t live with either condition. I have the PDA one and I know others who have various Personality Disorders. These individuals are never really ‘connected’. They’re always quite distant because that is how their life experiences have moulded them. The ones with Personality Disorders are generally cold and selfish but most of them didn’t start their lives like that. Things happened to them which made them conditioned into thinking that their opinion is the right way and they never reconsider their mostly spare of the moment decisions.