Becoming a reclusive hermit soul.

I like being at home. I find it a lot less stressful than being out of my environment. I know that others think I shouldn’t stay home all the time but it’s better for me right now. There is now no need to barely go out of the house because lots of things are online and to be quite honest that is how I prefer it at this moment in time. I have everything around me that I need. I go for a walk to have exercise and the supermarket to get food in. I don’t need to socialise. I absolutely hate the human race after things that have been done to me. Why would I want to be around them? I hate this time of year anyway because Christmas is depressing for me. It’s for families and some of us don’t have barely any left. All my relatives have either died, become estranged and in my son’s case removed from my life. The cats have no idea whether it’s Christmas or not so there’s nothing to do with the season put up in my flat. I wouldn’t put up a tree anyway because cats try to climb them and make a right mess. I know that Mister would try that kind of thing. He will play with anything because he’s got that kind of personality. He’s wrecked the wallpaper and some carpets which I am going to have to replace before I move out this flat.

I put on the cats spot-on (for fleas) and gave them the worming tablets I got from the Vets today. They ate the tablets mixed in their food. I had to stand next to them to stop them changing bowls though. Mimi has half a tablet due to her being much smaller than Mister and I had to make sure they got the right dosage. I eventually got the spot-on put on them after spending half an hour chasing them around the flat because they really do not like having it put on. They knew that I wasn’t going to give up so eventually they both gave up fighting me. I don’t like using the stuff on them but the fleas are lingering around and I’m hoping that the Vets flea stuff gets rid of the last few of them and especially any eggs. I spray the flat every day to create an environment where the fleas can’t survive. If I’d have caught them when the Cats first got them (when I was not at home because of a certain person sending me to Prison) then they wouldn’t still be here now. I am sure that they got them in August when I wasn’t around. They didn’t have them before because I regularly comb them.

Why should I not become a recluse after what others have done to me? At least I won’t trust the wrong one and get hurt again.

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