Still not feeling well. Nothing gets done!

I have been out this morning.  By the time I had been for my eye test and food shopping I was completely worn out. I’m typing this in bed on my mobile because I feel so wiped out! I’ve never felt this tired in my life. I’m fed up of not getting barely anything done. The housework has gone south completely because I get tired to the point where it hurts to stay awake. I have to go for regular naps. I find it irritating because it’s never looking done. Depression and feeling crap is bad enough without your surroundings looking grubby. It makes me feel worse. I do try very hard to fix it when I have the energy but I get tired too much to sort out things properly.

I got my Nightwish concert ticket through the post today. The time I purchased it early this year I would have been buzzing and looking forward to it. But now I feel nothing because I don’t feel that I’m able to go. I won’t be able to not get overly anxious. I really wanted to go to a concert. I’ve never been to one before. I guess I will have to wait until I’m ready, maybe I never will be.

I’m exhausted so I’m going to sleep for a bit. I just can’t manage a longer blog entry today.

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