Tiring day, barely slept last night. Apparently, Mister is too ‘large’.

I’ve been up early taking Mister to the Vet to have his claws trimmed. I hadn’t slept much last night. I only remember having barely 2 hours this morning before I had to get up. It is only Midday and it feels like Evening to me. The fight to get the Mister in the box. He’s on the large side and insisted on spreading out his legs and trying to climb out. He actually pooed on me a bit because he was that averse to going in the box. I did get told he was too large when they weighed him but I could see that. I can’t leave the dry food down anymore because he’ll just go and eat both of the bowls. Mimi is tiny compared to him because he eats her food if I don’t watch them eating. They are that close that they like to swap bowls half way through but that doesn’t ensure that both are getting the same amount.

I’m not trying to stop them from being close as they even walk around in synch because they’re from the same litter (been together since day 1). It’s nice to see them close but doesn’t help when making sure they stick to their own bowls. Mister does annoy Mimi by trying to play when she just wants to chill. Then when she hissing at him he comes over to me to play which normally involves being clawed and bitten if he is excited. He is quite talkative too. This morning in the car he was constantly meowing all the way there because he was determined to fight going to the Vets.  Mimi is just as bad because the other day she wouldn’t stop meowing all the way either. The box is getting old and has seen better days. I’m going to replace it if I can reclaim all the benefits that I was getting. I keep it clean but it’s as old as me because originally it was for the Cat my parents had when I was a baby. It was obviously well built because it’s still okay apart from the clips being a bit looser than it used to be. I have to admit that the boxes are probably more comfortable now. I have to put a towel and newspaper on the floor to pad it up a bit.

The flat has seen better days. I do need to redecorate when I have the money. It’s really untidy at the moment. I feel tired a lot so I have to do as much as possible when I have some energy. However that energy wears out quite quickly. I don’t even have energy to write the book I started working on two months ago. It’s extremely annoying because I will literally never get it finished. I’m no good at getting anything finished when I have so little energy. I can be more productive than a lot of people that I know when I have the energy. I feel like I’m wasting my days when I have to nap to store some energy. I couldn’t sleep last night which hasn’t helped how tired I am right now. I’m just letting things bug me. I’m that type of person. The middle of the night is just the worse time to think about things because it’s so quiet and there is no distractions from what is going around in your head. Some of it isn’t even my problem. I even worry on other people’s behalf when I don’t even need to do so because it’s not my problem or even my business in some cases. I care too much. It’s a burden at times because I worry enough about my own issues which cause me daily stress.