Had a much needed nap and then a walk. And someone sent me healing.

I eventually just fell asleep because I couldn’t stay awake any longer. Then I went for a walk when I woke up before it got dark. I drank a fizzy drink on my walk so I probably didn’t burn a lot off. I got in the Bath to warm up and am already in my onesie. I do need to start exercising again because my thighs are starting to look a lot bigger than they used to be. The curves are starting to appear on the side of them and I’m not keen on that extra fat. I am trying to get into some form of exercise routine but it’s just tiredness stopping me actually shedding the excess weight. I’m not fat but I’m probably classed as overweight on the BMI scale again. I know it’s not good to compare yourself to that scale because we all carry weight differently. I carry weight around the areas that I really don’t want it nowadays. I’m sure that the exercise I do builds up during the week but it’s not shedding  anything. I can’t do it every day due to tiredness and that is frustrating. There are times when I’ve been quite active when I haven’t been constantly tired. The thing is when I go down to not being as active when I do feel tired I gain weight easily.

I had someone tell me they were going to send me distance healing. I said okay to it because it was free. In all honesty I do not feel much different. It hasn’t taken the tiredness away. They saw 20% negativity on my photos aura which surprised me because I thought that I had more negative stuff on me. I am glad that they found no negative entities around me. I am sure that those things have lingered around me before. They come and go when you’re sensitive. Things attack you when you’re down. I wish I actually felt healed because I don’t feel any different.