Month: November 2018

  • Today has felt like several days together.

    I’m already in bed because today has felt very long. I just want to chill out and at least try to go to sleep earlier. The Cats are currently not getting on well since Mimi returned from her trip to the Vets. Mister keeps hissing at Mimi. I don’t think she smells normal to him […]

  • Barely slept last night and it has literally set the tone for the day. 2018 can’t go quick enough!

    I tried to sleep last night but I couldn’t because I was restless. I go out to my Car this morning to take Mimi to the Vets. I realised that I hadn’t looked at the right part of my Car when I went into the bollard the other day. I had a quick look in […]

  • Another early start tomorrow.

    I have to get up very early tomorrow to get Mimi to the Vets for half 8 as they want the inpatients in there for operations when they open. I have my alarm set for 7am. I am already not looking forward to getting myself out of bed at that time. She is also going […]

  • Celebrated but now I feel down.

    I drank  only a glass of the WKD bottle which I left in the fridge. I have two left over from what only can be described as a disastrous dating experience in July. I basically drank alcohol to get through it because I wasn’t at all attracted to the person I went for a drink […]

  • Today went successfully :)

    The PIP appeal was successful. I was extremely nervous after going through months of worrying. That is one huge weight off of my mind. I am able to afford to live again rather than worrying about being unable to afford essentials. I’ve changed as a person while not having enough money coming in. I’m not […]