Halloween hair :) And I can be myself at this time of year!

I had some wash in hair dye left over so I decided to put it in my hair for Halloween. I’m off out tomorrow to the knitting group thing but I cannot remember how to knit. I just felt like getting out again because I’m starting to gain weight due to not going out a lot. I also have to get off the painkillers again due to them causing weight gain. On a positive note, I feel that I can be myself this time of year. Witches are not seen as so ‘weird’ this time of year. I even have a black cat to add to authenticity. I can show a lot of the stuff I have in my flat and literally not get judged this time of year. For instance, I have a crystal ball, tarot cards etc.

I don’t have a lot of things to say. That is rare. Can I just say to anyone that knows my true personality doesn’t reveal it? I need to make the Trainee Battleaxe persona believable. Personal vs professional persona has to remain separate. It works better that way.