I don’t like food. I don’t want to get fat!

I just don’t want to eat much. I’m fed up with others asking me if I get hungry. No I don’t because the thought of putting weight on puts me off that feeling. I’m not feeling up to eating either. I can’t be bothered to cook while I’m feeling this depressed. I can barely do anything in this state. I nearly didn’t even want to have a bath tonight and that is not like me. I am miserable. I cannot eat when I’m in this mood. And, I’m in this mood constantly right now because I want justice and I cannot get it. I don’t want things to be the way they are but I have no choice because others won’t cooperate. They obviously don’t give a sh*t about how they make me feel as they have destroyed me and then act like they’re the victim. They’ve now left the uni where everything went on and got away from having to sort it out. If I get fat it will just top it off and I’ll be even more down. I don’t want to be bigger. I gain a few pounds and I get really stress. I don’t have anything else in my life which is under my control. I’m stressed so please don’t nag me about eating.

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