Everything has started to come out now…

I was watching the news earlier today. I saw the part about the child sexual abuse scandal in Nottingham. It was only a matter of time before the victims of the abusers made everything come out in the open. There has been widespread abuse going on in the system for many years. I’m not from that area but they’ve asked country wide for people to come forward if they knew any information. I submitted things that I knew about which was going on in this county way back in the 90s and early 2000’s. I remained anonymous because there was an option to not attach your name. All the information that is forwarded to the teams investigating historical abuse is looked into and hopefully the scale of what has gone on within the system in this country will finally all come out.

Those of us that have been mistreated by the system have been waiting for the day we’re finally ceased to be labelled trouble and the actual truth which led to those labels come out into the open. It is such a burden to carry around and affects aspects of your life many years later. As I’ve previously stated, I don’t ever see myself in any kind of relationship because of things that happened to me. And the story about many of the victims being sectioned, imprisoned and having their children removed by social services due to being labelled as trouble… I can say that is a familiar scenario in many cases. I want people to see the truth. I’m not trouble. I was labelled because I refused to shut my mouth about things I’d seen back in the day. Once you have a label in the system then it sticks. I’ve had people that have known me since I was young say to me that they know the label isn’t true because they have known me for many years.

Although, others out there will willingly take the authorities word for it about individuals and groups purely because they’re seen as being credible. Well, isn’t it about time people started questioning that long established view? There is a reason why those of us who have been in the system do not trust the authorities. We know what social services etc are like and how they truly operate. We don’t like asking for help because it only leads to punishment and marking us down as human beings. The system hasn’t been fit for purpose for many years. It has permanently damaged a lot of children, young people and vulnerable groups of adults. Those that disbelieved me and thought I was an awful person really must start to take into account what has been said recently. They’re the things I’ve been saying for years but I wasn’t listened to. I was just labelled as crazy or a criminal because it was convenient for everyone else. I was telling everyone what the system was really doing all along but I got punished for telling people. I got angry but that doesn’t mean I’m an awful person. If others were in my position at those times they’d be angry. The victims of the system are angry because that is exactly how they should feel at their treatment.