Catching up, sorry I’m feeling very ill.

I know that I said to people I’d have watched the Dr Who episode about Rosa Parks that everyone was talking about at the beginning of the week but I’ve only just got around to doing it. I haven’t been well and still feel like crap. I feel really weak because the app on my phone barely lets you eat any calories. It’s like it is starving me. Luckily I haven’t been that hungry so I don’t feel like I’m being starved.  I’m not in the mood to eat much at the moment. I was completely the opposite last week. I have knee flab appearing so I can’t keep pigging out too much. I need to start doing toning exercises again when I’m feeling better.

The episode of Dr Who was actually as good as everyone said. But there was a huge message in her historical actions and storyline. The only way change happens is when someone stands up and refuses to agree with the way things are being done. Granted, they may end up arrested or even in Prison and figures in history have lost everything. However, it’s all been worth it in the end because eventually society changes and the people are recognised for pushing to get those changes. I want to do that and a lot of us have been working on things for years to change how society views mental health. Things have changed but there is much more changes needed.