PDA is now getting publicised in the news.

PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) is getting into the news quite a lot at the moment. I am glad that I haven’t been the only one treated the way that I have been. It’s hard when the others in the Autism community who aren’t PDA also start making out that you’re bad rather than autistic and start excluding us. Yes it happens because this type of Autism is different from typical Autism. We have much higher amounts of anxiety and anger all woven into one and that is overwhelming. We are accused of having Personality Disorders but the PDA traits overlap with those groups of conditions. I want a specific diagnosis but not get a personality disorder one because I know that I am PDA. The description is totally me as I can see myself completely in the diagnostic criteria.

I just want to be diagnosed in a dignified way without being looked at as an awful person which gets a person labelled with a personality disorder. Psychiatrists have a habit of diagnosing those that come into contact with the criminal justice system as anti social personality disorder. That is just a fancy name for a narcissistic personality. I am in one of the areas that refuse to even accept that it exists, let alone change my diagnosis from Aspergers to PDA. Children that are getting the PDA diagnosis’ are still ending up out of school because they refuse to put in the appropriate support for them. This is mostly down to lack of funding as the PDA’s do better working one to one with any kind of support. In higher education, they find it difficult to support straight forward Autism let alone throwing PDA into the mix. It’s up to us who know about PDA to educate others and mould the system. Every bit of help we can get to access the proper support and understanding is appreciated because for years we’ve not be listened to and accused of being things we aren’t. We need those higher up in organisations to support improving provisions and understanding. We can live a normal life with adjustments. But for us to even get to that stage, PDA has to be as widely understood as a condition such as a broken leg.