A few cat stories and I found out why I have had a constant cold for weeks.

I managed to get housework done and go for a walk but I’m absolutely wiped out now. I have been fighting my monthly affects all day. It got tiring. I was in a lot of pain when I got back from my walk. I sat down for a while to have something to eat and then made myself do the vacuuming. The vacuum still isn’t working properly because nothing is going into it’s overflow area. I can’t get into it any further to see if there is a blockage preventing that. I have had to keep cleaning out the bit before it half way through each room.

I can see why I had a runny nose for weeks. I picked up a load of hair which was both mine and the cats matted together. I probably have hair in my sinuses. I think it has happened to someone before. If things get stuck in there it may cause cold symptoms. If the hairs were in the air I’d not have been aware that I was breathing them in. I am not normally allergic to cats etc but a build up might cause that reaction. I hope I’m not allergic to the cats because they are like my best friends and no human can ever compare to them. They do sleep right next to me on the bed (next to my face) so I can’t really stop them from doing that after all this time. Yes they do disturb me at night but once they’re settled there’s no issues.

I sometimes wake up to Mimi having decided to snuggle herself right into the side of me while I’ve been asleep. She couldn’t get any closer if she tried. She likes backing herself into small spaces. I found her inside the bedcovers a while ago because she thought it was a warm spot to go sit in. It would have been alright if somehow she hadn’t backed herself between the buttons and would have been stuck there all day if I hadn’t come home at that point. I had to get Dave out from under the bed when it was Bonfire night last year because he didn’t like the bangs and decided to hide. He didn’t just go into the draw area. He instead decided to sit in the middle of the bed underneath in between the two draws either side. I eventually decided to let him come out when he was ready because I knew that if he was truly stuck he’d start meowing at me. He didn’t end up coming out until late that night. Mister nearly scared the life out of me once by sitting in the wardrobe. I opened the door and he decided to jump out at that moment. I nearly jumped up in the air.

I am that used to both my cats having made their way to sleep beside me during the night that I actually automatically wake up saying “morning you two”. I get a look off of each of them as if to tell me that they aren’t ready to get up yet. Mister normally groans and puts his paws over his face and Mimi has started to do that too because she’s seen him do it that much. They do this when you stroke them first thing in the morning. I am not a morning person and neither are the cats. I have made disappointed noises when the alarm has gone off at an early hour, they most likely got it from me. I’ve also noticed that they will allow me to hug them until they’re fully awake. They don’t mind cuddles when they’ve not woken up properly. However, as soon as they wake up properly it’s a different story. They look at me with wide eyes and struggle away from me. Mister sometimes falls asleep in my arms on his back while I’m watching television. He also likes sitting on my knee like a human until he gets fed up and walks off. They don’t have a very long attention span and get bored easily. The only thing they don’t get bored of in long dosages is sleeping. They’ve been in the same position all day if I’ve gone out and come back home hours later. Especially on my bed. They have their own bed but not of them use it anymore. Mister only wanted to use it when Dave used to come in to have a nap in it. Since Dave moved in with a neighbour it hasn’t been used since and Mister isn’t interested in it anymore. Dave does still come and go but he doesn’t stay at mine now. He still follows me if he sees me going to my flat. He is more reluctant to come in because when I was away Mister apparently scared him off. 

5 thoughts on “A few cat stories and I found out why I have had a constant cold for weeks.

  1. I’m having this slightly disturbing image of you pulling huge, tangled strands of mixed up human and cat hair from your sinuses. I’m thinking Rapunzel only more, y’know… nasal.


      1. There may actually be quite a serious clog. I would get it checked out if I were you, I think it’s homofelinus follicular sinusitis, if I remember correctly. Symptoms are fatigue, an insatiable desire to chase small rodents and rope-like hair hanging out of your nose.

        In other news, you know when cats bring you trophies and meow very loudly and persistently until you congratulate them? And then if the trophy doesn’t escape, they’ll eat it. Except for the green wobbly bit. I just trod in the green wobbly bit. With no shoes or anything. Okay, there are worse things to tread in, namely slugs, there aren’t *many* worse things to tread in. It was cold and wet. And green and wobbly, obviously. ew.


  2. Typical cats, and yes, cats are better than humans.
    Just don’t try shagging them. Sharp claws in your genitals is no fun.


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