I am really down right now, but caught up with sleep. Had a dream last night.

I’ve barely done anything this week because I’m so down. However, I have caught up with sleep but I’m still tired right now. I’ve felt ill all week with this cold thing. It’s not even a proper cold but only a blocked up nose and constantly runny. It gave me a headache. I have slept a lot but it’s not really made any different because I could stay asleep permanently. I’m just too tired. I can’t even write a blog entry today as I’ve been sitting here with the page open for the last hour. I had an entertaining dream last night about relatives I haven’t seen on Dad’s side for a long time projecting images and graphics of various things into the sky. They weren’t like you’d see in sky projections, more like computer graphics. I even got told by a space person who came down in a spacesuit and told me to stop filming otherwise I’d affect the controls of the graphics. I don’t actually know what it was about specifically. The street in the dream wasn’t something you’d see in the UK. It looked like a street abroad. I’ve not seen them since before my son was born. The adoption of my son caused more of a divide than the division that was before it all happened. I used to talk to them at the very least but no one has spoken for ages. I’ve just kind of accepted that I’ll probably never see them again for the rest of my life. I am aware that my Dad wouldn’t like that but I feel awkward even thinking about visiting them because I don’t feel welcome. If they wanted to see me they’d offer to come to see me but they want me to go over there and it’s only because I suggested meeting up as an attempt to reconnect at Christmas a few years ago.