National adoption drive. The reality… instead of the hype they’re currently trying to sell you.

Each year that the adoption drive is commenced  it causes those of us that have lost their kids to adoption  a lot of pain. It doesn’t get any easier as time passes. They’re now taking anyone to be approved as adopters,  but we weren’t good enough to be allowed to keep our own children. The reason that they have so many children waiting to be adopted out is due to children’s services constantly removing children (especially under 5s) from vulnerable parents who just need support but they don’t get it because there is no funding available. Instead they just too children away from these vulnerable adults and causing permanent psychological damage. Adoption adverts sting us every time they come on the tv or radio. They should be advertising adopters for vulnerable adults with their kids. For example, similar to a shared lives scheme. This would be better because vulnerable adults would never cause harm to their kids on purpose so removing their kids as punishment is unfair and quite morally wrong. The trouble is that there is too much money in the adoption system which tips it to becoming immoral. 

I am tired and going to have a rest. I do get upset with things but the system is never going to change while there is money being made everywhere but supporting vulnerable people who didn’t choose their issues.