Minor Breakthroughs happening in both politics and health care.

I heard today that now Australia and New Zealand have officially recognised PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) as a diagnosable condition. We just need to point this out to the UK health boards eg. NICE that we need the condition officially recognised in this country too. It’s been approved in the other countries on the studies and research which have already been done back in the 1980’s. There is now no excuse to not approve it in the country where that research was conducted. We need it here because the treatment for this type of autism is completely different compared to straight forward Autism. The tactics or therapy you have to use when dealing with a PDA individual is completely the opposite to how you deal with an Autistic individual. Then there are misunderstandings that PDA is just like Oppositional defiant disorder. PDA’s behaviours are fuelled by high anxiety and fear, where as ODD is the label which describes a difficult person who isn’t acting that way because of fear or anxiety. It wouldn’t be appropriate for treatment of ODD to be used for PDA because it doesn’t take into account the anxiety and fear. This is the answer I got back from my MP after I brought up the subject with him. He seemed to think that treatment for similar but not similar enough conditions would be okay for the NHS to use.

On another huge topic that came out today. The government hasn’t scrapped Universal Credit yet but they’ve decided to put the rollout on hold. I was quite glad their delaying it because I knew that it was getting round to me and I’ve already had enough issues with the benefits I’m currently receiving. That was one thing that I was dreading when I had to migrate over to it. I’m glad they’re delaying it to have a reorganisation because they never planned it properly. It may have looked like a reasonably constructive plan on paper but in reality it has just caused complete chaos and misery for thousands up and down the UK.