Certain people cause issues for others.

I am just going to tell everyone locally to keep trying to get the fleas off of their cats because every time I let my cats out they come back with them. It’s starting to get annoying because I make the effort and I know that they don’t have any when I’ve done them. They then go back out there and get them again. They bring them back in and then I get bites on me. I constantly go through my flat every day making sure that every room is sprayed and then vacuumed. I have depression so it’s quite hard for me to keep it up on a daily basis but I do it because even just leaving it a few days causes an issue.

It’s a matter of spending 5 minutes a day on each cat raking the fleas off of them with a comb. Even if you don’t spray your home and vacuum every day doing that little bit helps others whose cats may be coming into contact with yours. I can’t stop my cats hanging around with cats that may have fleas when they’re out. I sometimes don’t even see them for the majority of the day or night when the weather is okay. Especially Mimi who will go out for hours at a time and disappear over the garden fences. And then Mister disappears for half of the night. I cannot keep them in because they’re too used to going out now. I tried the other day and they were constantly sitting at the window meowing at me. They have far too much energy to keep in. Mister will destroy the place if he gets bored or irritated by something. Please just do your cats. I know it’s hard for some people but Leicestershire Animal Aid offers help to those owners that can’t look after their pets for whatever reason. Whether it is because they cannot afford to buy the products or are too disabled to comb the fleas off of them. I remember reading it earlier on in the year. They even foster pets if a person has to go into hospital or something. 

2 thoughts on “Certain people cause issues for others.

  1. Hi the best stuff to buy for flees is front line
    as it sticks to the surface of the skin, so the flees stick to it and die, They can not bite the pet what so ever,
    As for your home if it is rented, You can get the council out and they will fumigate your home for you


    1. It’s a privately rented property. I have used stronghold and front line. They’ve had them 2 months now and they keep getting them.


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