Rain and wind is making today so long!

I normally go for a walk to chill but it keeps raining and I’m not up to going out there and coming back windswept and damp. I’m comfortable where I am. I am making myself do some housework which needs doing. However, I am very tired today so I’m going for a quick nap after finishing this entry. I am being healthy today by drinking water. I don’t like it but I’m still detoxing from painkillers. I’m still not back to normal properly yet. This detoxing thing causes you to need the toilet constantly a lot but I’m not getting a sore stomach anymore. It’s not the nicest experience but once all the poison is out of your body you start feeling a bit better. It’s good for skin and hair too. I have much softer skin than previously and my nails are growing more. I have noticed my hair is more shiny everywhere apart from the dry ends (which need chopping).

I think my hair is starting to grow more though. It is snapping on the ends where it’s split so I can only see growth by the darker roots getting longer. I picked up a strand of my hair earlier. It’s the same length as a 30cm ruler (about 11 and a half inches). That is the longest length which isn’t the same as the side parts or layers. I used that dream lengths detangling conditioner.  I normally have a huge issue with knotting and getting tangled  because of the thickness of my hair after washing but with this stuff the comb just glides through it. I was sceptical but as it was on special offer I thought I’d try it. I think that it’s normal price is too expensive because it doesn’t compare to brands like mane and tail that is only slightly more expensive. I’m a fan of mane and tail as it’s moisturise range of shampoo/conditioner is perfect for thick hair. It is hard having thick hair because it just goes mad and products get stuck in the mass of hair.

I’m off for a nap now because I’ve got a migraine coming on due to not getting much sleep.