This is my reality. Others need to know how I’m affected.

I can barely sleep and I look awful. It’s making me ill staying awake every night and I can’t rely on medication because the GP doesn’t prescribe sleeping tablets for long term use anymore. I am sorry but I simply can’t move on because everything that has happened is bugging me. I constantly feel misjudged and unfairly treated. I won’t be able to sleep properly again if things stay as they are. I just want things fair. Right now it is far from that. I was the victim in my past. If I weren’t then I wouldn’t be so badly affected by the area I grew up in while I’m residing here. In all honesty, no one but me knows what happened because they weren’t present back then. I get rejected and told I’m not good enough on things that people have heard or uncover on me. I’m innocent. The only thing I’m guilty of is having a disability. The lack of sleep is killing me. It’s noticeable to everyone that sees my face. I can’t hide the damage anymore. It’s making me feel ill because I need rest to cope with aspects of my disabilities combined. I have no energy left to function properly. I’m not asking for a lot and it’s so easy for others to fix. Instead it’s like I’m asking for a load of money or something. I need things sorting because it’s making me ill. The fact that I can’t sleep isn’t a choice. While things are the way that they are then I won’t be able to sleep.